Tuesday, July 1, 2014

By the Numbers

"312 is your credit score. You are good to go!"

What? Had I just heard some disembodied voice tell me some random thing in my dream? No visuals, no dreamscape, just an announcement that could have come from a car salesman or banker? First off, 312 is definitely NOT a good credit score and, if it was, where the heck was this lending establishment? And what the heck did I need a credit score for?

I tossed some, trying hard not to really wake up. Keep your eyes closed, you can go back to sleep. Slow my breathing. "312 is your credit score. You are good to go!" What the? OK, not going back to sleep. I will lay here and think about the numbers, then.

Although, I dislike math, numbers have always fascinated me. How they came about, their different meanings and uses beyond the mere counting of things or rankings. I pay attention to numbers, number sequences on license plates and addresses, in nature, in Dreams! I have the Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers app for my phone, books on number meanings (especially with Tarot and Oracle cards), and my own experience with numbers to guide me when they show up. But, they rarely show up this insistently in a dream. Alrighty, then!

As I am not a trained numerologist, I tend to see numbers as they relate to Tarot cards. So, this is what I decided about this sequence.

3-When I see 3, I think, Goddess energy. Maiden, Mother, Crone. I, especially see the 3 of Cups. Celebration, sisterhood, expression, communications, love are the positive aspects I feel. Of course, 3 is made up of 1 and 2.

1- This is always an Ace to me. I didn't get a particular suit, so let's just go with new beginnings, fresh starts. It is kind of a go for it kind of number.

2-Pentacles popped up for me on this number. Abundance and well-being, balance, sharing, cooperation, receptivity just about sums the number 2 up.

Can't forget what happens when you combine all three of these. 3+1+2=6

6-Service, responsibility, discernment along for me, journeys. The journeys can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

I only took the positive meaning for the numbers because the statement that followed them seemed like such a positive thing.

What am I going to take away from this message, for surely, message it was?

I am, at last, at that point in my life where I am going to be able to celebrate my abilities...all of them. I will be able to integrate all my training and Crone experience so that I may embark upon a new beginning of sharing and cooperation that will enhance my well-being and abundance. I will facilitate the balance I need between work, service, and play. I will see how the trials and successes of my previous journeys have paved the way to the start of this new journey. That must be the "You are good to go!" meaning. I think the words credit score were used to really get my attention because they were important and to help me remember the numbers themselves. I will continue to think about them to see if anything else comes up. I have been trying to put together which direction I was going to take after this move. This was timely.

I am grateful for the messages I receive both for myself and clients. As I was writing this, I did wonder why messages meant for me tend to come at night in dreams or on the verges of sleep. I distinctly heard a chuckle and a whisper of "You don't listen so well during the day!" LOL Cheeky guide!

For those that are unfamiliar with the Doreen Virtue app, here is the link in iTunes.

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