Saturday, February 6, 2010

Animal Lightworkers

I knew when I got up this morning that I was going to talk about the four-legged and the winged lightworkers of which we are surrounded. I got busy doing other stuff ( you know how time-consuming other stuff can be) and am just now sitting down to write. I am glad that I had to wait because it gave me the opportunity to read the blog ( of a very talented friend of mine. We were on the same wave length. You see, my friend is an awesome pastry chef and she just lost her job because her boss shut down his business to, sort of, retire. She is busting her butt off looking and applying for jobs. (If you are out there looking for a job, I am sure you sympathize.) You know how it can get you down. Her saving grace is her Puppy that makes her go outside and play with nature and her Kitty that curls up in her arms when she is on the computer searching. They both have taken to sleeping with her at night. Our pets just seem to know when we need comfort. They are, also, very good at knowing when we need protecting, and I am not just talking about keeping out the burglar or scaring away the mugger. I have a cat named Diesel. We rescued him from a no kill shelter. They had about given up on adopting him because he had two strikes against him. He was a black cat and he was six years old. But he was our first cat and we figured he could teach us how to be cat people, so home he came with us. As you can imagine, it took awhile for him to find his bearings. He is a beautiful, but somewhat aloof cat, certainly more regal that affectionate. As a healer, I sometimes find myself having to deal with the "darker" aspects of living. And sometimes, I don't protect or clear myself well enough when I am working. That leaves me open to what negativity is floating around. I have found that when this happens, I most often have to confront and deal with it in the "dreamtime". Now Diesel rarely sleeps with us, but when I am having one of those nights, I always wake up to him sleeping smack dab as close to me as he can get, literally guarding my back. As soon as sees that I am awake and alright, he gets up, stretches, and looks at me as if to say,"My job here is done". I think of him as my guardian and he has proven it time and time again.
My teacher is a horsewoman. Her horses are more than friends and companions, they are like her children. When she lost Cowboy during the winter, she was devastated. She did not know what she would do without him. She has since found out that he has come back to her in the form of a Spirit Guardian and Guide, continuing to comfort and help her as he did in life. What a gift!
So, pay a little more attention to the care you get from your pet when you are feeling down and out. I think you will see what I am talking about. Maybe your dog isn't Lassie, but how good is it to have your own Lightworker just dying to get in your lap. Bright Blessings!
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