Friday, January 18, 2013

Dominating my Own Little World

I have great plans for my own life domination. I have plans to conquer fears, talents, artistic dreams, romantic desires, domestic duties, my health, and time management. I am 18 days into my campaign. I have now come to a painful conclusion. I need minions...a LOT of minions. 
I think I am a great idea person. I like to come up with the idea, execute it a few times and then, move on. I hate repetitive tasks (aka listing items on Etsy, website, etc.) So, I need a computer savvy, tireless minion to do this.
I can't seem to give myself permission to create art, write, do spiritual stuff if my surroundings are a mess. Domestic minion needed! Please apply within.
Minion with driver's license is a must for running all errands. That way I don't have to leave a creative idea dangling just because we have no milk or bread in the house. 
I figure with 4 or 5 good minions, they can get my life in order and I can do, well, just what I want to do.....and whenever I want to do it. I have had a thought about the whole diet and exercise thing, though, and I don't believe a minion could handle that. Might need a task master for that particular job! Hahaha
So, anyway, where do you look in the Yellow Pages for minions? I can't seem to find a listing!
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