Saturday, February 13, 2010


As we enter this weekend of Love, I want to talk to you about what really needs to come first. Before you can be truly free to love someone else, you must love yourself. To love yourself, you need to forgive yourself. "What!" you say. Yes, forgive yourself. We all carry around those things inside us that what we have never forgotten, much less forgiven. All those regrets, big and small, that fester inside you, all those slights that made you mad or made you feel small, all that guilt for things left undone, behind, or unrealized, need to be purged. The way you do that is to forgive yourself. We don't realize just how much we beat ourselves up for stuff that we have done or haven't done. Forgive yourself for not standing up for yourself. Forgive yourself for only doing what you can do. Forgive yourself for those times that maybe you weren't as kind as you could have been because your day had turned to crap. Forgive yourself for all those stupid decisions you have made thru your life. As you give yourself permission to just be as you are, you will feel yourself getting lighter as your heart chakra opens. You will be able to breathe easier. The tension will leave your neck and shoulders. You will sleep better. Your digestion will be better. As you begin to forgive yourself you will find it easier to forgive others, and that releases a whole truckload of pressure and pent up stress and emotion. So this Valentine's Day, send yourself a valentine. "To me---I forgive myself. I love myself just the way I am. With love, Me".
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