Thursday, January 17, 2013

Your Own Bed

Four nights away. Not a vacation, but a mission of service for my mother-in-law. We are home, tired and somewhat drained. When I sank into my bed last night it was with a sigh of great relief and an expectation of revitalization. I miss my bed so much when we are away from it. It is nothing special, no fancy foam, or pumps that have your number on them. Just a plain old mattress on top of box springs. But, it is home to me. It represents safety and comfort, healing and pleasure, rest and revitalization. Every since our children were little and would run into our room during inclement weather yelling, "Tunder, Daddy, tunder!", we have had a king sized bed. Lots of room for my tossing and turning sleep and for two little girls to find security between both parents during a loud eastern Colorado thunderstorm. The feel of the weight of my comforter on a dark, snowy night sleeping between warm flannel sheets is my idea of a good night's sleep. Lying on top of crisp sheets while a cool night breeze blows across me after a hot summer day is bliss. Funny the things we appreciate the most when we are away from them and how grateful we are to be back to them. Hope your bed gives you what you need. Sleep tight tonight, my Peepsies! (((Warm Hugs)))
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