Friday, September 17, 2010

Seeing like a child

I have just re-discovered one of my favorite authors/artists. His name is Brian Andreas. His words fill me with wonder and make me think. He can view the world with  a child-like quality that is both joyous and profound.  He makes me realize just how poorly that we, as adults, see and experience this amazing world around us. How long has it been since you lay on the grass and guessed at the shapes in the clouds? Or sat upon the floor and looked at things from the level of a 3 year old? Things become mysterious and magical when you change your perception of them. It doesn't take too much time to start again with this kind of thinking. You can start with something small,  like say,  giving your car a name. My mid-life crisis LeBaron convertible is named Wahoo! Something I stole out of the movie "IQ" with Meg Ryan. My daughter has an older Jeep Cherokee that she calls Jeepers, although sometimes I think Jeepers Creepers would be better due to all the trouble she has had with it. My husband (a very practical accountant type) calls his red truck, get ready for it, Red!  Now, I know some of you have already done this. Why don't you share it with us!
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