Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleep on it!

We've all heard it, maybe we have even said it, "Let me sleep on that." Well, medical science is finally on board with what we have known intuitively for most of our lives. We problem solve during sleep. Whether sleep just frees up our minds to concentrate or we receive guidance from the Divine or our higher self, this works. Here are some tips to get the most out of your problem solving dreams:

1. Write the  problem down, be brief, just a sentence or key word or two. Place this by your bed.
2. After you are in bed and ready to go to sleep, review the problem.Try to "see" the problem before you.
3.This is the important part. Tell yourself that you will dream about the problem and, YOU WILL REMEMBER what you dream       or any intuitions that come to you.
4. Keep a pen and paper by the bed. This is good to do all the time. You never know when something brilliant will come to         you at night. Don't want to miss that! 
5. When you wake, BEFORE you get out of bed*, think about any dreams or pieces of dreams you remember. Don't force this,      as that tends to push things away. Write down what you remember, even if it makes no sense to you now. You may have        an "aha" moment later in the day.
6. Don't get discouraged. It may take a few days if you are not used to remembering your dreams. You may even get insight        later in the day.

* If like me, you need to get up in the night for any reason, follow the tips in #5. You will think you you will remember it for    when you get up  in the morning. You wont!

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