Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magic Happens

While watching the Olympics, I saw an ad for the new Harry Potter attraction at Disney World. It looks exciting, and I wish I could go. I got to thinking how the excitement around all things magical in movies, books, and music is growing so much. I love this. BUT, and this is a big But, I think people have forgotten that we are all magical. Each and everyone of us is capable of creating and using magic. You scoff? Really? Do you cook? Is is not magical that you can take flour, sugar, salt, eggs, and a few other things, mix together, slap in a pan in a hot oven and.......VOILA! Cake!!!!!! Trust me, as someone who lived in the Rocky Mountains above 6,000ft for a lot of years, baking is not only magic, it is miraculous!! Or how about taking all those lovely veggies that you grew (another magical ability, I might add) and put them in a pot with your various seasonings and come out with a soup or a stew? When you cook with love and care, you are making magic. You are making something mundane into something that will nourish and enrich a body. Is this not the definition of a beneficial potion?
Ever had a massage, a really good massage? Got 'ya didn't I? Taking all that stress and tension that you have been hoarding in your body out and leaving you feeling light and relaxed, if that therapist isn't a magician, then who is?
Do you sew, craft, scrapbook, do photography, play or write music, write? If you do any of these things or any creative endeavor, you are creating something out of nothing, even if it is only memories. How about creating a character in a stage play? If you have been to the theatre you know the kind of magic I am talking about here.
I guess what I am getting at is that there is magic, and magicians, are all around us. There is even one hidden in you............


  1. Baking is absolutely magick, actually food in general. Have you read Witch in the Kitchen by Cait Johnson? I think you'd like it.

  2. You are so "spot on" about magic! It is everywhere. I see it in nature and love to create it in writing and meditation. I especially miss the magic that happens when good friends get together and joy and laughter flowers out for hours. I miss you my star angel!


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