Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feeding Your Wild Thing

Feeding Your Wild Thing

I got to see "The Life of Pi" last night. It is still very much with me today. It is so full of such good stuff to think about. What keeps floating to the top for me today is how fragile is the hold we have on our Wild Thing. You know what I am talking about. It is the Passion, the Excitement, the sheer Joy, the over the top and down the sides part of you that is so easily lost or worse, euthanized by todays expectations of what makes a grown up or a responsible citizen. I am not talking about violent tendencies, I am talking about the things that bring life to your life. The fierceness that can pop out when you are speaking about the things you truly believe in. The passion that makes people look at you a little differently, maybe even take a step back, have you fed it lately? That joyful excitement that bubbles through you when you are creating----ANYTHING, have you given it a long drink of inspiration? If we don't play with our inner Wild Thing, air it out, nourish it, we will lose it. It will be gone and it may take a lifetime to coax it back. So, quit starving your very precious Wild Thing. Feed it the good stuff. Now, go outside and ROAR!

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